Tips and Advice from Experts

Find helpful information from experts from around Indiana. These experts will offer advice, tips and coping mechanisms you can use to help maintain your mental health.


Please note, that while they are a great resource, this information is not a substitute for professional help. Please seek specific support for yourself or a loved one as needed.

Taking Seasonal Affective Disorder Seriously

As the days get shorter and colder, it’s not uncommon to experience changes in mood or activity. For some, these feelings can come and go without interfering with their daily lives. For others, they may experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD, pronounced S-A-D), a type of diagnosable depression.

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Learning about Trauma

Trauma and how a person responds to it is unique to every individual. People who have experienced a similar trauma may react and carry their trauma in different ways.

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Maintaining Recovery in Crisis

Above all, Brandon emphasized the importance of connection, “We talk about people in crisis and what helps them sustain recovery. The answer is almost always connection.”

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