Bereavement and Grief

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Due to the conditions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many have lost something or someone. Grief is natural. As we mourn, it’s important to keep in mind that you are not alone. Many are mourning the same thing, and we’re all in this together. There are some things you can to do help.


Losses You May Be Grieving:

  • A loved one
  • A job
  • Your sense of safety
  • Personal freedoms
  • Being with family and friends
  • Your former routine


Grief is not only about pain and sadness. Grief also includes positive feelings like relief, joy, peace and even happiness.


Tips to Build Resilience:

  • Acknowledge your grief
  • Use daily check-ins
  • Write down your experiences
  • Understand you will heal in your own time
  • Reach out to a professional counselor
  • Find a grief support group


Grief is not just about loss or separation, but it’s also about how to remember, rebuild and connect to what you treasured.


To access free and virtual support for losses stemming from COVID-19, contact InTouch Bereavement at


Kimble Richardson

Mental Health Counselor

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